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5 Things To Do In Prague at Night

How To Have Fun In Prague At Night!

Prague is beautiful anytime of the day, but there is something extra special about it at night.  As the sun goes down, and the lights come up, the historic buildings are lovelier, the narrow and curved cobblestone streets become romantic, and the view from the Vltava River is breathtaking.  The list of what to do in Prague is almost endless. But this is a city that loves to party, making nighttime especially fun, so I’ll share five of my favorite things to do in Prague at night.

I had the opportunity to visit Prague with my sister, Beth, who was there for an educator’s conference.  She was joined by several of her colleagues. Some evenings we enjoyed the company of the whole group, and other times it was just the two of us.  Fortunately Prague offers something for everyone.

Wondering what to do during the day? Check out Prague's Churches and Cathedrals.

Inside Beer Spa Bernard in Prague
Beer Spa Bernard

Beer Spa Bernard

So I’ll admit that when I first read a friend’s post about a Prague Beer Spa I thought the idea was ludicrous.  My sister, who joined me at the Beer Spa Bernard, shared my skepticism. However, after our visit, I think this might be one of the best things to do in Prague anytime of the day!

So let me be clear what this is not.  This is not soaking in beer. Instead, there is a large tub filled with hot, bubbling water into which the attendant adds a bowl of Czech hops and other ingredients, all of which are loaded with vitamin B.  The spa we chose offered us private use of the space including two tubs, a warming bed, and shower, for one hour, for about 140 US dollars. Did I mention that it also included access to a beer tap from which we could pour ourselves unlimited beers while seated in the tub?  Needless to say, we enjoyed every single minute of the experience.

Check out your options for a beer tour of Prague.

Wendy soaking in the tub at Beer Spa Bernard in Prague
Wendy enjoying the Beer Spa Bernard

Some things to know before you visit a beer spa.  First, you are welcome to bring a swimsuit or not, but the space is completely private so it’s up to you.  The spa provides towels and slippers. You need to allow time to shower before the hour is up since you’ll be covered in hops.  

While this could be done anytime of the day, I am so happy we did it at night after a long day of sightseeing.  There are several beer spas in the city, and it appears from TripAdvisor that many receive high ratings. I was especially impressed with Beer Spa Bernard’s gift to us at the end of the experience of two bottles of their beer which we brought home for our husbands.

You might be hungry after visiting a beer spa. Here's a great article about traditional Czech food to eat in Prague.   

Charles Bridge at Night
Charles Bridge at Night

Prague River Cruise

Amongst the most popular Prague attractions is a river cruise.  I was determined to take one at night and researched every tour booking site I could find.  However, I was not able to find one that didn’t include dinner. So my sister and I decided to check out our cruise options once we arrived in the city.

I am a big believer in booking tours in advance, so I’ll reluctantly admit that there are times when a spur of the moment tour is better. We discovered a small company, the Prague Venice Historical Boat Trips, operating at the Charles Bridge. If you are in Prague, this company isn’t hard to find since the very friendly sales staff are dressed in white sailor uniforms. And I've recently learned that you can book this tour in advance. But if you don't want to, you'll likely be able to get your tickets when you arrive in Prague.

Late one afternoon we had just two hours before dinner, but decided to squeeze in a boat tour.  We paid our 440 CZK (about 19 US Dollars) and hopped aboard the small boat. This price included a beer or lemonade and gingerbread or ice cream. I know this sounds like an odd combination, but somehow it works.

View of Prague Castle from the Vltava River
View of Prague Castle at night from the Vltava River

As it was early November, the sun set at 4:30 p.m., so our 4:00 p.m. tour started in daylight and ended after dark.  I couldn’t have planned it so perfectly. Nor could I have planned a captain with such a great sense of humor. I’m not sure all of this company’s cruises come with a comedian, but we certainly enjoyed the non-stop funny stories.

As we returned to the dock, the captain slowed the boat so we could fully appreciate the view of the Charles Bridge at night.  Directly in front of me was one of the world’s most famous bridges, while to my right, off in the distance, was the iconic Prague Castle.  I could not have imagined such a lovely moment on a cruise that cost me just $15. I’m adding this to the list of must do in Prague activities.

Rudolfinum, Prague's Concert Hall, at night
Rudolfinum, Prague's Concert Hall

Prague Ghost Tour

Beth loves ghost tours and has enjoyed them in many cities, so this was the first Prague tour we booked after reserving our airfare. One of her colleagues joined us, and we set off for ninety minutes one evening to learn the about the dark and frightening past of the city.

A Prague night tour is the ideal way to explore a city with such a violent past.  Dimly lit cobblestone streets were the perfect backdrop to stories of ghosts, executioners and mass beheadings.  

A supposedly haunted street in Old Town Prague
A supposedly haunted street in Old Town Prague

The most famous spooky story of Prague claims that each year on June 21 eleven headless ghosts can be seen walking from Charles Bridge to Old Town Square in search of their heads.  After their decapitation in 1621, the heads were displayed for months on the Charles Bridge and never returned to the bodies. This was a lesson to all Protestants that the Hapsburg Dynasty was devoutly Catholic, and that efforts to change this would be mercilessly punished.  It may be obvious by now, but this isn't the ideal tour for young children or squeamish adults.

There are endless options for Prague walking tours, but I highly recommend the ghost tour with its somewhat creepy night time perspective of the city.  This tour can be booked on Viator for under $20 a person.

View of St. Nicholas Church Prague from the Old Town Hall Tower
View of St. Nicholas Church Prague from the Old Town Hall Tower

Old Town Hall Tower

Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock are included on every list of top things to do in Prague, but visitors would be remiss to pass up the view from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower.  Like other attractions I’ve discussed, this can be done anytime of the day, but doing so at night is magical.

Looking for a guided tour of Old Town Prague? Check out your options here!

View of Old Town Square from Old Town Hall Tower
View of Old Town Square from Old Town Hall Tower

From the top of the 230 foot tower we enjoyed remarkable views of Old Town Square, the Church of our Lady Before Tyn, and St. Nicholas Church Prague.  The entrance fee is currently 250 CZK or about 11 US dollars and includes entrance to Old Town Hall’s underground (which we learned during our ghost tour was the site of many executions in Prague’s early history).    


City view from Old Town Hall Tower
City view from Old Town Hall Tower

Czech Folklore Dinner

When is comes to Prague entertainment, there are few things that can compare with the Czech Folklore Dinner.  I’ll admit to thinking that this might be the most touristy thing we could do on this trip, but afterwards I didn’t care.  

Beth and I were joined by two of her colleagues and we all had a great evening together. The food served was decent, but it was the dancing and music that were truly memorable. The entertainment varied between instrumental and vocal music and traditional dances.  The entertainers insisted on audience participation which resulted in a room full of people from around the world clapping and singing together. I can’t imagine a more enjoyable dinner in Prague.

Dancing at the Folklore Dinner
Dancing at the Folklore Dinner

There are a number of places offering some version of this dinner with prices ranging from 53 to 70 US dollars.  Typically they all include food, alcohol and entertainment. We booked our evening through Get Your Guide. Another option is to book it through Viator.  You’ll want to confirm that your dinner includes transportation from your hotel since these restaurants are a long ways outside the Old Town area where many tourists stay.

I’ll add that this is a nice option for families in Prague.  There were many children in attendance the night we were there and they had a great time.  

Here's a brief, one minute video to give you an idea of how much fun can be had at the dinner.


The Pub

On the first evening of the educators conference my sister was attending, all of her colleagues wanted to gather for dinner.  They selected a restaurant called The Pub that offers a few different locations around the city.

The highlight of The Pub is the self serve beer taps on the tables.  Let me point out that this was the second time I enjoyed a self-serve tap while visiting Prague.  I love this city!

Self serve beer tap at The Pub in Prague
Self serve beer tap at The Pub

In addition to the beer taps, there was a large screen at the end of the room calculating the total beer served at each table. Drink more and your table number becomes prominently featured at the top of the screen. Drink less and be embarrassed.

We had mixed results with food at this restaurant. Beth and I enjoyed delicious pub burgers and fries, but some of the other dishes were disappointing. A visit to The Pub is all about the experience of drinking large amounts of Czech beer. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Prague--day or night--then this is the place for you!

Want to learn all about Czech beer? Consider taking a beer tour of Prague.

Enjoying beer at The Pub
Wendy and Beth at The Pub

Day Trips From Prague

Now that we've planned all your evenings in Prague, what will you do during the day? Be sure to set aside some time for day trips outside the city. Here is an article with nine recommendations for day trips.

And here are three tours I personally recommend;

Kutna Hora and Bone Chapel--Discover the historic buildings and haunting bone chapel of Kutna Hora, one of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic and located about 1 hour outside of Prague in Central Bohemia.

Terezín Concentration Camp Full Day Tour -- This day trip to Terezín concentration camp will show you both the magnificence of what was an 18th Century Austrian fortress, and the tragic role it held when the Nazi's repurposed it as a concentration camp, deporting prisoners to Auschwitz.

Český Krumlov Full Day Tour--Visit the fairy-tale town of Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia, explore its narrow medieval streets and tour its famous castle. Admire examples of the town’s architectural development from the 14th through the 19th century.


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