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 We’re Wendy and Jason Lee and we are Empty Nesters who love to travel. Our goal in starting this website was to encourage couples 50+ to travel more, and we’ll provide advice for how to do that. Yes, travel can be expensive, but there are ways to make it more affordable.  And its also true that it can be hard to find the time to travel.  Over the years we’ve developed a number of strategies to make frequent travel possible and we’ll share that information with you.
We do our best to carve out plenty of time to explore locally, nationally and around the world. Most of the time we travel as a couple, but when schedules permit, we also enjoy traveling as a family with our two grown children, Jessica and Ryan. At this point in our lives we have more control of our schedules and the resources to see the world, so we want to make the most of every minute.

How We Travel

Camping, backpacking, and staying in hostels isn’t our style (there’s nothing wrong with those options, we’ve just outgrown them). We prefer nice hotels, resorts, or AirBnB’s, and certainly enjoy unique tours, good drinks, and eating well. When traveling farther afield isn’t possible, we explore our own backyard, Southern California, which has so much to offer. Some of our favorite things to do when we travel include hiking, kayaking, and riding bikes.
We hope you’ll follow our journey, but more importantly, we hope to inspire you to travel more and make it a priority in your life. Sign up for our monthly email below, or follow one of our social media accounts so you are the first to know about new posts.
Wendy and Jason In the Redwoods

Meet Wendy Lee

Wendy is the Chief Storyteller for Empty Nesters Hit The Road. After a long career as a non-profit executive, she pursued her dream of travel writing. Today she writes full-time for this website, local tourism bureaus, and other publications like Travel Awaits. Wendy is a member of Wanderful and the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). Recently Empty Nesters Hit The Road received a Bessie Award from Wanderful for Outstanding Content. To read the award-winning post, click here.

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