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6 Reasons To Plan An Anniversary Trip To Costa Rica Right Now

Your Guide To An Anniversary Trip to Costa Rica

Anniversaries are a milestone that couples should be absolutely celebrate! If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate an upcoming anniversary, consider the beautiful land of Costa Rica. This country brings you the beauty of the tropics with only a plane ride. There are so many things to do in Costa Rica, so you are sure to create lasting travel memories for your anniversary.

Why Celebrate Your Anniversary in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful landscape. The lush tropical environment is like a dream come true, filled with outdoor adventures and natural wonders. In addition to the landscape, Costa Rica is also known for its welcoming culture. The people of Costa Rica are ready to welcome you to their tropical home and help you experience all that this magical place has to offer. World-class resorts provide you with every amenity you can imagine to ensure that your tropical adventure is comfortable, luxurious, and memorable.

The beautiful beaches of Costa Rica provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic anniversary trip that you will never forget. Beyond the beaches, you can also travel up to the volcanic mountains and lush jungles. No matter what you are after, you will find your wishes satisfied here alongside your partner.

Here are six reasons to plan an anniversary trip to Costa Rica.

Toucan in a tree in Costa Rica
A toucan in Costa Rica

1. Relax On The Beach

If your idea of a tropical getaway is relaxation, Costa Rica is here to satisfy you. Gorgeous beaches stretch along the coast of this Caribbean hideaway. One of the most relaxing beaches includes Manuel Antonio Beach. This gorgeous beach borders Manuel Antonio National Park, where you can hike among wildlife. While you’re in Manuel Antonio, you can also go on a Chocolate & Coffee Tour and learn about Costa Rica’s history of coffee and chocolate making as well as taste test!

Another beach to check out is Tamarindo Beach, which is next to quiet Langosta Beach. Both of these sandy shores are ideal for sunbathing, watching people surf, and sipping on your favorite cold drinks. Conchal Beach, Guanacaste is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in Costa Rica you may want to walk through, too! Here, you can collect sea shells and take photos while laying on the cool sand.

2. Relax In The Mud

If you are ready for more after relaxing on the beach, try a volcanic mud soak. The natives of Costa Rica have bathed in the mineral-rich volcanic mud of the island for centuries. The hot springs flowing under the island bring healthful minerals to the surface, creating a rich mud that the locals claim has many powerful properties.

Popular spots to get a volcanic mud soak include Miravelles Volcano, Rincon de la Vieja National Park, and Tenorio Volcano National Park. You can book a tour to get a luscious mud bath and bathe in hot springs. Plus, many resorts offer this luxurious experience!

Volcanic stone treatments are also a popular way to relax on the island. Similar to a hot stone massage, trained professionals will treat you to the ultra-relaxing experience of warm volcanic stones. These stones are applied to your back accompanied by a massage. Many resorts and spas offer such a treatment.

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3. Sip On Cacao

If you are after a truly relaxing and mind-altering experience, you can sit in on a cacao ceremony. The powerful cacao bean that grows in Costa Rica is revered for its healing powers. Growers at Peace Retreat in Costa Rica will prepare cacao tea that you can try; afterward, your group will be led in a ceremony filled with music and personal reflection.

Beach scene in Costa Rica with surfers
Beach in Costa Rica

4. Ride The Waves

If you are up for something more exciting, Costa Rica will not disappoint. The island is filled with hundreds of opportunities for thrills. One of the most popular things to try in Costa Rica is surfing. If you have never had the chance to surf or have never learned how, this is your chance. 

Costa Rica is a premier surfing destination, and there are many surf instructors on the island who would love to teach you this exciting pastime. One of the best places to surf includes Espadilla Beach, where you can book a surfing lesson ahead of time. Cabo Matapalo & Playa Pavones is an ideal surfing spot for beginners, while Hermosa Beach is ideal if you’re more experienced.

5. Walk Through The Clouds

If you want to take your adventures to the next level, check out the many suspension bridges throughout the island that literally allow you to walk through the clouds. If you want to see just how high you can go, try out the Monteverde Hanging Bridges. Word of advice, though, bring a jacket, because this rainforest is true to its name.

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6. Go Rafting

Whitewater rafting is a popular activity that is sure to give you the adrenaline fix you and your partner are after during your anniversary trip to Costa Rica. Varying difficulty levels make this activity a great choice for beginners and advanced rafters alike. For a level one experience, check out Safari Float on Penas Blancas River; you’re likely to see some interesting wildlife along this smoother ride. Safari Float on Corobici River and White Water Rafting Rio Balsa are level one to two rides where you’ll see plenty of forestry and birds. For a longer trip, say six to seven hours, check out White Water Rafting Savegre River; it’s long but worth it and designated as a level two or three.

Book Your Anniversary Trip To Costa Rica Today

With so many great activities to choose from, there is no doubt that Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit. Booking your anniversary trip to Costa Rica is simple with the help of a professional travel planner like Costa Rica Escapes, so check out your options today.

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