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Hiking The Path Of The Gods In The Amalfi Coast–Everything You Need To Know

What You Need To Know About Hiking The Path Of The Gods

The Path of the Gods exceeded all my expectations. I’ve been fortunate to hike in many beautiful places around the world, but this trail now goes straight to my number one spot.

And while I’m happy with my photos and feel they capture the experience well, they still can’t take the place of being there in person. So I hope to convince you to book that plane ticket, get yourself to the Amalfi Coast, and set aside a day for hiking the Path of the Gods. You won’t regret it.

What is the Path of The Gods

The Path of the Gods, or Sentiero degli Dei in Italian, is a hiking trail in the southern Italian region known as the Amalfi Coast. The trail winds its way through tiny hamlets, terraced hillsides, and steep cliffs perched above the ocean. Along the way are goats, donkeys, vineyards, ancient farms, and endless lemon groves. 

According to legend, this was the path used by the gods to rescue Odysseus, who had tied himself to the mast of his ship to protect himself from the deadly song of the Sirens. What we know for sure is that until the first half of the 19th century, this was the only way for locals to travel between the tiny villages of the area. And much of what you’ll see has not been changed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Views along the Path of the Gods in the Amalfi Coast
Views along the Path of the Gods

Getting To The Path Of The Gods

Before starting your hike along the Path of the Gods you’ll need to get to the Amalfi Coast. Most travelers arrive at Naples-Capodichino International Airport in the city of Naples. While Naples isn’t my favorite Italian city, I do think it’s worth a short stay before or after your trip to Amalfi. In particular I’d recommend taking a food tour of Naples. Afterall, this is the birthplace of pizza.

There are a variety of ways to get from Naples to Amalfi including bus, car, or ferry. For my recent trip I was traveling on a fully guided tour with Explore Worldwide (which I highly recommend) and was met at the airport and transported in a minibus. 

You can stay many places on the Amalfi Coast, but if you want to be located at the start of the walk, find a hotel in Bomerano. Technically this village is in the region of Agerola, a horseshoe shaped collection of tiny hamlets perched just above the coast. 

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Ancient cliff house seen along the Path of the Gods
Ancient cliff house seen along the Path of the Gods

When To Go 

I’m told this trail gets seriously crowded during peak season. So I recommend going in early spring or late fall. If you come in the summer you will not have the path to yourselves and it will be really hot. You could hike in winter, but many of the businesses that serve hikers including hotels, restaurants, and tour operators, will be closed. Our tour group hiked Path of the Gods on March 31, which is considered the start of the season. 

No matter what time of year you choose to hike, get an early start. In fact, we were up before sunrise and at the trailhead shortly after sunrise. For the first hour we didn’t see anyone else.

What To Bring

Hiking the Path of the Gods takes anywhere from two to four hours depending how often you stop. Our group stopped frequently to take photos, enjoy the views, and eat. So in part, what you bring will depend on how you plan to approach the hike.

First, bring a small backpack to carry your water bottle, wallet, first aid kit, tissues, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen. You’ll want to dress in layers and the pack will be useful for storing clothing as you no longer need. No need to bring multiple water bottles since there are places to refill along the path (unless you are hiking in the summer, you may need to bring two bottles depending on the temperature). 

Be sure to wear good hiking shoes since the path can be rocky and uneven in many spots. A hat and sunglasses are also essential as the sun can be very intense in spots. 

Finally, you’ll want to pack either a lunch or some snacks, or both. Good snack options include nuts, fruit and granola or protein bars.

Path of the Gods map

Path Of The Gods Map

Above is a Google map of the Path of the Gods and a map of Italy with the towns of Bomerano and Positano marked. These maps don’t really help much other than show you where within Italy you’ll be walking. But if you’re like me, and you like to have an understanding of where you are in the world, then hopefully these help.

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Path of the Gods starting point in Bomerano, Italy
Side street leading to the Path of the Gods trail

Bomerano–Path Of The Gods Starting Point 

Bomerano to Positano is the best known route for Path of the Gods. But in reality, you can approach the hike in a number of ways. If you’ll be staying in or around Positano, it makes sense to reverse course. And if you have bad knees and want to reduce downhill steps, then consider starting in Bomerano and ending in Nocelle. There are other connecting trails along the way, so you can really make this hike as short or as long as you choose.

The town of Bomerano is well suited for hikers. Public buses take hikers from all over the region to the town square where groups gather to start the hike. Surrounding the square are cafes, souvenir shops, and even a hiking supply store in case you forgot something. This is also the last place to use the restroom, so take the opportunity.

When you’re ready to get started, look for the signage on a side street just off the town square. Soon you’ll be on a dirt trail and your journey begins. At times there are stairs, other times you’ll be climbing up and down large rocks. Along the way is plenty of signage so it’s unlikely you’ll get lost. In addition, it’s a well worn trail that many people before you have traveled. 



Hiking the Path of the Gods--A stop in Nocelle at Lemon Point
Lemon Point in Nocelle

Nocelle–A Scenic Break Along The Path Of The Gods

After several miles of hiking your legs will be ready for a break. Fortunately, the tiny village of Nocelle makes a great resting spot. The trail is routed through the town square which is surrounded with cement benches. If you packed a lunch like we did, this is a nice place to eat. You’ll likely be joined by a few cats and dogs curious to see if you’ll share.

But the best part about stopping in Nocelle is the Lemon Spot, a small stand selling drinks and snacks. And while you can order a variety of beverages, I highly recommend a lemon granita. Despite the chilly weather, I was pretty warm after a couple hours of hiking, and the tart and frosty drink was perfect. 

One of the toughest parts of the day was the hundreds of stairs from Nocelle, down to the seaside town of Positano. At this point I really regretted not bringing hiking poles. Others in my group did, and felt they provided a bit of relief from the long downhill stretch. However you choose to walk down the stairs, be prepared for sore knees. The good news is time to relax in Positano.


People walking down the stairs along Path of the Gods
Endless stairs down to Positano


View of Positano from a cafe
View of homes in Positano from an outdoor cafe

Ending The Path Of The Gods In Positano

We ended our Path of the Gods hike in the bustling town of Positano and had two hours to explore it. Many people complain about Positano being too touristy–and while I do agree–I enjoyed it. I began with time on the beach where I soaked my sore feet in the the chilly ocean water. Then I did a little shopping. Finally I stopped at a cafe for a treat, delizia al limone, sponge cake filled with lemon cream, brushed with limoncello and covered in a lemon and whipped cream glaze. I still dream about this pastry and hope to find it someday in the U.S. It was the perfect ending to my day.

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