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The 6 Most Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas

Our Selection Of Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas.

At the risk of repeating myself, Jason and I love Las Vegas. This city is seriously romantic thanks to the world class restaurants, endlessly creative shows, and lavish resorts. 

I know Sin City can also be very loud, flashy, and raunchy, but we’ve found that if you choose the right hotel, you’ll be set for a romantic getaway away from the lights, noise, and questionable activities. Opt for the slightly more upscale accommodations and you’ll find quieter lobbies and public spaces, stylish decor, and large, comfortable rooms perfect for relaxing.

While each of our recommendations can be pricey, we’ve found that if we’re flexible on destination and dates, we can usually find something in the reasonably priced range. With so many rooms available in the city, there is always a hotel offering a special if you’re willing to do a bit of research. And no matter which one you choose, we promise these are the most romantic hotels in Las Vegas!

Most Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas--Resorts World Las Vegas Hilton
Standard room at the Las Vegas Hilton

Resorts World

As the newest resort on The Strip, Resorts World got a great deal of press when it opened last year. And after two stays here, we definitely recommend this place. We loved the rooms, the restaurants, and the large pool and game area. The only thing I didn’t love is it’s location on the far north of The Strip, next to Circus Circus and across the street from a bunch of cheap shops.

But first, it’s important to understand that there are actually three hotels in Resorts World; a Hilton, a Conrad, and Crockfords. The Hilton is the least expensive, Conrad is pricier, and Crockfords is definitely expensive. We stayed both times at the Hilton and found it to be a good deal, especially at such an upscale resort. Our room was large and featured floor to ceiling windows with a great city view.

The highlight of Resorts World is their Asian focused food court, Famous Foods Street Eats. It looks like a food court, but instead of corn dogs and cinnamon rolls, you’ll find outposts of some of the world’s best eateries. There’s dumplings from Taiwan, roast pig from the Philippines, clay pot rice from Singapore, and much, much more. Currently, there are 18 food stalls and plans are in the works for more. We ate here three times in two days. The downside is the seating is like any food court, wood tables and chairs and fluorescent lighting.

If you’re looking for sit down restaurants, there are several including the two we tried; Brezza and Viva. I especially enjoyed our meal at Brezza, serving coastal Italian fare. The weather was nice during our visit so we opted to sit outside on the large patio.

Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas--Aria Resort
Exterior of the Aria Resort

Aria Resort

I love Aria’s central location on The Strip. I also love their large rooms in a neutral color palette, the classy lobby with exceptionally high ceilings, great selection of international restaurants, and the spa.

The Aria rooms are large– at least 520 square feet–and feature floor to ceiling windows and an entryway. Many come with great Strip views since it’s location is so central. Like many of the MGM properties, the Aria offers Stay Well rooms, but for the life of me, I don’t know the purpose of these. They included an air purifier, but that’s about the only tangible benefit, so I definitely recommend their regular rooms.

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The array of dining options at Aria is impressive and includes high end steakhouses, hamburger joints, and plenty of food from around the world. One of our favorites is Lemongrass, a Thai inspired eatery with a stunning decor. And I was delighted to learn that the Tawainese dumpling restaurant, Din Tai Fung has an outpost here. In fact it’s now the largest Din Tai Fung in the world!

Jason and I are always looking for things to do in Vegas besides gambling.  One of those things is spending time at a spa. A few years ago Jason and I spent an afternoon at The Spa at Aria. We didn’t have any treatments, but instead enjoyed the steam rooms, sauna, hot tub, quiet room, and spa pool (a much smaller and quieter pool). It’s a large spa with plenty of room for relaxing. I plan to return someday and try one of their massages as well.

Most Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas--Delano Hotel and Mandalay Bay Hotel
Exterior of Delano and Mandalay Bay Hotels


Attached to Mandalay Bay, the Delano is an all-suites hotel that does not offer a casino, making it an exceptionally quiet option for Vegas. In fact there isn’t much in the Delano other than rooms, but that’s okay since everything else you’ll need is at the adjacent resort, Mandalay Bay.

At 725 square feet, these rooms might be the largest I’ve ever seen in Vegas. The color scheme is very classy, white with gold accents. Jason and I loved the fact that there’s a ‘guest bath’ in the living area.

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To continue the quieter experience, relax at the Delano Beach Club or for something more lively opt for the large pools at Mandalay Bay. And when it’s time to eat your best bet is to head to Mandalay Bay with over two dozen restaurants and eateries.

The downside of Delano is it’s distance from other hotels and attractions on The Strip. It’s too far to walk to anything, making a car necessary. So over the years we’ve stopped staying here for this reason, but if you really want something quiet with plenty of space, I think this is the best option.

Most Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas--The Nomad
Bedroom with bathtub at The Nomad

The Nomad

Before Resorts World opened, this was our new favorite place in Vegas. It’s not very well known because it’s a hotel within a hotel. The larger resort–Park MGM–has a more upscale hotel located on the upper levels called The Nomad. First, let me say that I’ve also stayed at the Park MGM and was not impressed–don’t stay there. But The Nomad is most definitely worth the money.

While most hotels in Vegas decorate with a neutral color palette, Nomad goes for the bold look of jewel tones; purple, blue, red, and green. Even the texture of the fabrics is different with velvet sofas and leather chairs. This was a room I didn’t want to leave. We reserved a Grand Suite that features a bathtub in the bedroom. These rooms can be expensive, but if you’re willing to visit on a weekday, or during an otherwise slow period in Vegas, it can be had for a reasonable price.

Like Delano, The Nomad features a smaller, quiet pool, but we found it to be so quiet that it was dull. Instead we spent a few hours at the Park MGM pool which was far more lively.

After the amazing rooms, my favorite thing about The Nomad is the presence of Eataly in the building. If you haven’t been to Eataly I implore you to find one and try it out. It’s a collection of Italian bars, restaurants, food stalls, and shops that will make you want to board a plane to Italy immediately. During our last visit they were featuring oysters on the half shell for two dollars each. We grabbed a dozen, paired it with a martini and were very, very happy.

Wynn Resort
Exterior of the Wynn Resort

Wynn Resort

I’ve always appreciated the curved, bronze exterior of the Wynn. When it opened, it was one of the most unique looking resorts in Vegas. The interior public spaces along with the rooms are equally as attractive. The lobby looks fit for a king with red carpets lining the hallways. 

Similar to many of the newer resorts on the Strip, the rooms are large, stylish and feature floor to ceiling windows. The decor is also typical with neutral colors. The pool area features a long, rectangular pool perfect for sitting or walking while people-watching. Like the hallways, the pool feels like something designed for royalty.

A central feature of the Wynn is the Lake of Dreams, a large water feature that serves as the focal point of a free show most evenings. Several of the restaurants are placed around the Lake making for a special night time view. If you don’t want to pay for a full meal, it is possible to grab a drink and watch the show.

I’ll admit that we haven’t been back to the Wynn in a few years as other resorts have opened. While it is definitely stylish, and romantic, it also tends to be one of the highest priced options. But if you can find a good deal, you’ll definitely enjoy a stay here.

View from our balcony at Cosmopolitan
View from our balcony at Cosmopolitan


As the only hotel in Vegas with balconies, the Cosmopolitan–or Cosmo–is a highly sought after destination. And if you choose a room with a view of the Bellagio Fountains, the balcony is even better.

Located centrally on The Strip, the Cosmo features large, stylish rooms, funky artwork throughout the resort, a fun pool scene, and some of the best bars and restaurants in Vegas. We opt to stay in their Terrace Studios which are 620 square foot one bedroom suites with a large balcony. These rooms also feature a Japanese soaking tub.

Some of our favorite restaurants here include Secret Pizza, Jaleo, China Poblano, and Egg Slut. And if you’ve never been here before, be sure to grab a drink at the Chandelier Bar. This multi-level bar is surrounded by ropes of crystals giving the illusion of sitting inside a chandelier.

Even Starbucks at the Cosmo is unique, featuring a contemporary art installation. French artist and photographer, George Rousse created his first permanent, public installation here which is geometric and colorful, and quite different from the normal Starbucks interior.

Tips For Booking Romantic Hotels In Las Vegas

After twenty years of regular visits to Vegas, here are some of our tips for good deals and great experiences

  • Be open to the best deal which may not be the first hotel you planned to book
  • If your schedule allows, visit on a weekday, prices can drop significantly during the week.
  • When booking, take into account what else you plan to do during your stay. Combining a show, your favorite restaurant, and the hotel in one can be very convenient and less stressful than dealing with Vegas traffic at night.
  • If you’re hoping to eat at a high-end and popular restaurant, make reservations in advance. The best places in Vegas do book quickly.
  • Look for deals on TravelZoo. Over the years we’ve found some great discounts on hotels, shows, spas, and restaurants.

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