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Travel Bucket List: A Guide to Small Ship Cruising Destinations

Cool Places For Small Ship Cruises Around The World

Traveling via a small ship cruise is a unique opportunity to explore distant destinations. It’s a chance to meet people with similar mindsets, visit places that are usually unreachable via a large cruise ship, and escape the crowds while enjoying a cocktail in your hand on some remote beach.

Most locations visited via a small ship can be accessed only that way and are pretty remote. Traveling via a small ship cruise is the right choice for those who want to explore some off-the-beaten-path destinations. 

To learn more about which destinations you can visit and check on your bucket list, feel free to read the rest of the article.


Tell us one place better than Galapagos to visit via a small ship cruise and we’ll tell you it doesn’t exist! The spectacular views, marvelous beaches, and unrivaled natural beauty are some of the highlights of such a trip.

Small ship cruises are the right fit for this type of traveling because they offer deals and packages for visiting remote and secluded locations rich in biodiversity and history. It’s ideal for science fanatics and nature lovers. And all people in-between.

We recommend you check Aqua Expeditions cruise deals for Galapagos as they offer pretty adventurous excursions but a luxury one in terms of safety and amenities on board. 

Galapagos Islands
Sea lion on the Galapagos Islands, by Amy Perez on Unsplash

The Amazon

The Amazon is another great destination that must be on your list! The untamed wilderness, 40,000 plant species, and thousands of bird species are only a couple of the things to see. 

You get the chance to see the Amazon fauna which consists of 10% of the world’s species. There’s plenty to see for wildlife enthusiasts. Some of the animals to see are capuchin, tamarin, scarlet macaws, etc.

The Amazon jungle can be visited all year round. However, it’s best to do it from July to December since the temperatures feel a little more comfortable and there’s ‘less’ rain – for a rainforest.

If you plan on visiting Amazon, you can arrange your flights or take a boat trip. If you want to explore the Amazon rainforest at its best, a small cruise ship will do the trick. 


Botswana is in first place when it comes to African cruising destinations. Its diversity of national parks and wildlife conservation makes the country one of the hottest ecotourism destinations to include on your African safari list. 

You can enjoy a canoe trip or visit the Moremi Nature Reserve. Or you can visit the Chobe National Park which is the home of the most wildlife in Africa. Some of the main attractions in Botswana are the African elephants and lions.

Nile River

Nile River cruise is on our list due to its ancient history, indigenous culture, temples, bazaars, and archaeology. Small ship cruises will take you on the renowned highlights like the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Abu Simbel rock temples, and the Luxor Temple.

An advantage of the small ship cruises is the accessibility of remote locations like the Temple of Isis at Philae. This place is only accessible via a cruise since it’s located on a reservoir.

In the end, if you have the chance to book a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, please do! It’s an amazing opportunity to see the resting place of Pharaohs and nobles who lived from the 16th to the 11th century.

Nile River Cruise
Nile River


Antarctica, known as “the white continent” is the home of whales, penguins, and seals. The incredible ice-carved sceneries are the main stamp of this marvelous cruising destination that tops many bucket lists.

A lot of large ships from different parts of the world travel here, however, the best way to explore Antarctica is via a small ship cruise. 


The Arctic is easier to access even though the vast area stretches across the North Pole. It constitutes the Norvegian region of the Svalbard archipelago, Finland, Greenland, Sweden, Russia, Canada, and Alaska. You’ll need to determine which area to visit and pack your bags!

Wilderness in the Arctic is also available to see for tourists. Walruses, whales, polar bears, etc. are some of the animals you can see. 


Indonesia is a story for itself. It’s a paradise on Earth. Indonesia includes over 17,000 islands, some of them unpopulated and untouched by humans, while others call for parties. The sandy white beaches with crystal clear waters are among the best in the world. 

Let’s not forget the cuisine. Indonesian dishes like bakso, satay, goreng, Soto, and sambal are exquisitely delicious and must-try amenities. Even for those who are vegans and vegetarians, there are plenty of delicious options.

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Overthinking can sometimes mess up our plans. So, make your research properly and book a small cruise trip for your next bucket list destination. For more articles with similar content, feel free to check our blog.

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