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Snowshoeing Park City

I was invited to Park City with a group of friends and eagerly accepted since I had never been here before. But if you’re like me and no longer downhill ski, then you may wonder what are the things to do in Park City in winter.  

Fortunately one of our friends suggested a snowshoeing tour. I had never been snowshoeing, so my expectations were low. This sounded like a viable alternative to skiing, but I must admit it didn’t sound very exciting. However, as a travel writer, I usually enjoy trying new things that may give me material for future articles. So off we went to snowshoe in Park City.  

Wendy snowshoeing in Park City
Wendy prepares to snowshoe in Park City

And what was the result? I loved it! In fact in a weekend full of great moments, this was the highlight. The beautiful snowy landscape combined with plenty of laughter and a terrific guide made the whole experience perfect.   

Choosing a Tour Provider–White Pine Touring

The tour provider selected was White Pine Touring so our outing began at their main office to sign paperwork and meet our guide, Victoria. We hopped into a van and rode out of town to a trail. Victoria began with an overview of the proper way to put on our snowshoes and how to walk in them.  Then she led us onto the trail where we spent the next two hours.

White Pine Touring office where snowshoe tours begin
White Pine Touring office

We opted for the 3 hour tour which includes a guide, snowshoe rentals, and transportation.  This tour is a bit pricey at $175 for the first person and $75 for each additional person.  However, by the end I felt that it was worth every penny.  Victoria served as tour guide, photographer and trail comedian.  She was also a wealth of information about all Park City winter activities.

Getting On The Snowshoe Trail

One of the top benefits of snowshoeing is that it’s a fun activity for people of all fitness abilities. The guide has the discretion to select trails based on the number of people and their physical fitness. The first fifteen minutes or so of our trail was a gentle upward slope, but after that it was mostly flat. I found this ideal for our first time out. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to return in the near future and try out the longer, five hour tour and explore new trails.

Snowshoe trail in Park City
One of many showshoe trails in Park City

If you are looking for things to do in Park City with kids I would also recommend a snowshoe tour. As adults we did not engage in a snowball fight or building a snowman, but this would definitely have been an option for kids since there was almost twelve inches of fresh snow on the ground.

I learned from Victoria that there are over 400 miles of snowshoe trails in and around Park City.  If I lived in the area I would definitely purchase my own snowshoes and poles and get out on the trails regularly.

White Pine Touring guide, Victoria
Tour guide, Victoria

The Scenery

Thanks to a recent storm everything around us was covered in a sparking white blanket of snow and the result was a winter wonderland.  Since I live in Newport Beach, California, I had not seen snow since our time in Red Rock last year.  I'll admit that I felt like a little kid!  

Ground and trees covered in snow resulting in a winter wonderland
Winter Wonderland

After the first ascent, our trail took us above the now closed Ontario Mine.  This mine was purchased by George Hearst (father of the famous William Randolph Hearst) in 1872 and during its lifetime produced $50 million of silver.  After the mining operations closed, this group of buildings was turned into a museum, but was later closed due to safety concerns.

View of the Ontario Mine from the snowshoe trail
View of the Ontario Mine

There’s a possibility of seeing wildlife while on these trails. We saw just one moose far off in the distance. At the end of our trail we could see the downhill ski slopes of Deer Valley and the famous Stein Eriksen Lodge.  

While this tour was all about snowshoeing, I must say that winter hikes in Park City are equally possible. Many of the trails are groomed and would be manageable in a good pair of water resistant hiking boots.    

Go Snowshoe in Park City!

I think it’s obvious that I will happily snowshoe again, and if I’m in Park City, I would again select White Pines Touring.  Hopefully I've conveyed what a marvelous option this is for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are in Park City with kids or adults, it’s nice to find an activity that can be tailored for everyone.


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