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Where To Stay In Punta Cana–A Review of TRS Turquesa Hotel

If you’re dreaming of a vacation that includes turquoise colored water, long stretches of sandy beaches, and endless palm trees, then Punta Cana is for you. 

And if you’re hoping to spend hours relaxing near that beautiful water with access to endless adult beverages, then the all inclusive TRS Turquesa Hotel should be your destination within Punta Cana. The toughest decision of your day will be whether to relax by the ocean or the pool and where to go for dinner.

I was a guest of the TRS Turquesa for two nights, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Aerial view of TRS Turquesa Hotel
Aerial view of TRS Turquesa Hotel in Punta Cana

About the TRS Turquesa Hotel

TRS Turquesa Hotel is the adults only portion of the larger Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort. This sprawling, tropical property is filled with restaurants, bars, pools, and shops, all of which can be accessed by guests of the TRS Turquesa. 

Other parts of the resort are opened to children, which makes this a nice place to travel for multi-generational groups. Those who wish to be away from children can be, while those traveling with kids can stay in the portion of the resort offering a playground, waterpark and childcare. 

Jason and I have stayed in all inclusives on two occasions and found they can be an exceptionally relaxing vacation. By having everything included in your stay, you don’t need to worry about the cost of each meal and extra activities. And once you unpack, you can move around the resort as much or as little as you choose. Park yourself on a lounge chair for several hours, or take advantage of walks, yoga classes, and games offered daily. 

View of pool area at TRS Turquesa Hotel
View from my room at the TRS Turquesa Hotel

Accommodations at TRS Turquesa Hotel

The rooms of the TRS Turquesa Hotel are spacious and well appointed. Guests are attended to by a butler who can assist with dinner reservations, provide directions, call for transportation or arrange to restock your minibar. (If only I could take the butler home!)

Each room includes a jacuzzi tub, seating area, large bathroom and a canopy bed. There’s a well stocked minibar with soda, water and beer as well as a Nespresso coffee maker (the same kind I have at home, so this got my mornings off to a good start).

While I stayed on the third floor, I recommend requesting a first floor swim-up room. Just step outside your room and wade into the water.

Mamajuana tasting at TRS Turquesa Hotel
Mamajuana tasting


Each day a list of organized activities is posted near the main pool. This may include walks on the beach, rum tasting, pilates class, or live music. Friendly staff organize and lead each of these offerings. I took advantage of the Mamajuana tasting class which is a type of rum distilled in the Dominican Republic. Our lively bartender introduced us to the local spirit and allowed us to sample three versions. 

If you’re eager to stay in shape while on vacation, that won’t be a problem. The TRS Turquesa offers a large and well equipped gym. I began each morning with a walk on the beach because it was just so beautiful, but then spent some time in the gym using the equipment. 

Just in case you’re not already relaxed after a day at the beach, then head to the Zentropia Spa. You can enjoy the main area of the spa without any additional charge, but you will need to pay for facials and massages. I started with a massage and then spent an hour in the main area enjoying the hot tubs and mud therapy.

Hemingway Bar at the Grand Palladium Resort
Hemingway Bar at the Grand Palladium Resort


There are a dozen restaurants available throughout the resort, many focused on a particular international cuisine. During my stay we enjoyed dinner at KusKo, serving Peruvian food. For breakfast the first morning I ate at one of the buffet restaurants, Capricho. As a vegetarian I appreciated the large selection of fruit and fresh juices. And while I don’t currently eat meat, there was a nice spread of charcuterie and cheeses reminiscent of Spain.

But I must admit my favorite feature of the dining was the included room service. I love room service, but am usually too cheap to pay for it. So on subsequent mornings I ordered breakfast in my room. There is a large in room menu and it’s available most of the day. 

Many bars can be found around the property ranging from the casual pool bars to the more elegant cocktail bars. After our dinner at KusKo we gathered for cocktails and live music at Hemingways where I sipped a seriously delicious espresso martini.

I was disappointed at the limited options for vegetarians. Fortunately, I do eat seafood and fish occasionally, so I could always find something to order. But I do hope the Grand Palladium will expand their vegetarian--and maybe even vegan--offerings in the future.

Chic Cabaret
Chic Cabaret


There is live music available throughout the resort, sometimes by the pools and other times in the bars. But the big entertainment attraction here is Chic Cabaret. I’ve enjoyed many great shows in Las Vegas, but this was better.

Chic Cabaret includes a sit down dinner and over two hours of non-stop entertainment. There is dancing, singing, acrobatics and comedy. The entertainers enter from several different parts of the room, so you never know what’s coming next. At the end, audience members are encouraged to get on stage and dance along to the final number. 

There is an additional fee for the cabaret. Again, my complaint was the lack of vegetarian options, so I had to skip a couple of the courses served. But if I have the chance to visit this resort again, I’ll happily pay for Chic Cabaret.

Beach scene in Punta Cana
Beach scene in Punta Cana

Where To Stay In Punta Cana

My time in Punta Cana and the TRS Turquesa Resort was short, so I will definitely need to return someday. I would love to try out more of the activities, sample the other restaurants, and explore beyond the resort's walls. But if I'm asked where to stay in Punta Cana, I would definitely recommend the TRS Turquesa.


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  1. Jay Artale

    That tasting session looks really well organized! So nice to have different event to break up your beach activities. Worth walking up from the sand to try this. That water looks glorious too … what a vivid shade of blue. I’d love to be on the beach right now.

  2. nadia

    Wow looks like a really great resort! The events area looks huge! and great beach front!

  3. Elaine Thatcher

    I would really love a beach, a jacuzzi tub and a hotel with a spa right now, I really hope we will be able to travel to such places again soon!

    1. Wendy

      Me too! How I am missing travel!!

  4. Jenn

    This looks like a great place to stay – we love resorts like this! We will check it out if we do any trips to Punta Cana

  5. Lauren

    Looks beautiful and sounds like you had a great stay! Will definitely check out if I’m in Pinta Cana. Very cool that they hosted you too, well done!

    1. Wendy

      Thank you!

  6. Punta Cana has long been on my list. The TRS Turquesa Resort definitely is a contender. It is nice to see your photos and opinions to get a better idea of the reality. As an empty nester myself I appreciate the adults only section.

    1. Wendy

      I really appreciated the adult only option as well!

  7. Sarah

    I don’t usually go for all-inclusives but it is nice to be able to eat, drink, and take part in activities without having to worry about expense. Tell me more about the butler, lol

    1. Wendy

      The butler was a pretty cool part of the deal! He could handle any request from dinner reservations to extra food and beverages in the mini bar. If only I had a butler at home!


    The only all inclusive I have been on was also in the DR haha We stayed in Puerto Plata, which was not as built up as the other more popular tourist cities.

  9. Slavka

    Punta Cana is a lovely place for all inclusive beach resort stay. Once in a while it’s nice to enjoy the services and just laze around on vacation. I like the swimming pools so close to the accommodation and the tropical gardens around it.

    1. Wendy

      So true! Sometimes we all just need to laze around on a vacation.

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